World Tianjin Nutrition And Health Food Company 2012 Annual Review Conference

    World (Tianjin) Nutrition & Health Food Co. Ltd Held 2012 Annual Review Conference Successfully

    On January 26th 2013, World (Tianjin) Nutrition & Health Food Co. Ltd held 2012 Annual Review Conference. All departments made a systematic review and summary to the 2012 work and also set out and discussed the detailed department working plan in 2013. This conference focused on the improvement of Quality Management System, which has strategic guiding significance to the development of the New Year.

    Departments of R & D, Production, Quality Control, Supply, OEM, Logistics, Finance, Audit, Data Processing, IT, Designing, HR, Overseas Service and Comprehensive Management made a systematic summary to each link of the Group value chain in 2012. On the basis of pragmatism and sincerity, each department analyzed the achievements in 2012 and the work needed to improve, discussed how to further control cost, optimize process, coordinate cooperation relationship and improve efficiency on every link of the company value chain, so as to upgrade Green World's enterprise core competence through improving the performance of all departments. President Ms. Deming Li expressed her insights into the challenges and resolutions put forward by each department in 2012.

    As a transnational Group, Green World raised its sail against the wind in 2012. Under the environment of sluggish world economy growth and dramatic dropping of the international trade, Green World maintained the stability of the product price and won the support from consumers and business partners worldwide with the strategy of running the enterprise steadily and surely. Green World Eurasian Region has accomplished steady sales growth; African Region has deepened its brand value; Asian region has expanded its market share constantly. Meanwhile, China Region market has witnessed a successful year. Green World is making a splendid figure in China market and forms a good development trend by its high-tech and good quality products and its distributor-oriented marketing plan.

    Through the discussion of 2013 target setting and implementation, all attendants had a profound understanding to the company strategic goals in 2013, and had full confidence in realizing the goals. Taken improving Quality Management System, enhancing the professionalism of the management team, implementing the ERP system to drive the development of other links as the Company's strategic target in 2013, Green World will sail forward in the turbulence of world economic crisis.

    President of Green World Group, Ms. Deming Li emphasized that quality is the lifeline of the enterprise and it concerns to the health and the vital interest of the global Green World consumers. Facing the new situation and challenge of food quality and safety, in the respect of the priority of 2013 development strategy-improve quality control system, President Deming Li explicitly indicated, in the new year, Green World would further strengthen the building of quality management team, further improve the professionalization and dedication of quality management personnel, make sure the quality management cover the entire life cycle of the products to deepen and to systematize the quality management by strict check on the quality control management indexes and the implementation of ERP system. All departments analyzed the 2012 quality control, brainstormed and discussed the raw materials purchase, production process, storehouse management, logistics distribution etc. and brought forward effective improvement plan and measures. Green World will continue to perform its commitment of quality to its worldwide consumers as a household enterprise.

    In the end of the conference, on behalf of the head office, President Deming Li expressed sincere appreciation to all Green World overseas staff, global Green World products consumers, Green World business partners and people from all walks of life who had provided concern and help for Green World Group in its development history. The conference came to an end in the grateful atmosphere and the whole Green World staff's wonderful longing for the future.

    Quality represents integrity, creativity makes great business. With the spring breeze of the new year, Green World people will carry the new hope to realize the new dream.

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